Vektor – Pillars of Sand

They’re Ba-ack! Building to their first full studio release since 2011, Arizona thrashers Vektor are giving your earholes a tasty morsel of sonic deliciousness with “Pillars of Sand,” a new track from their upcoming album Terminal Redux.

This song though. The band teases with a melodic intro reminiscent of “Enter Sandman,” before enacting the bait and switch. When the guitar squeals, all bets are off as “Pillars of Sand” morphs into a relentless barrage of speedy thrash metal. Seriously, Vektor does not let up for a moment, as they savagely bludgeon your eardrums for 5 minutes and it hurts so good.

Let me break it down for you. The drums are an unstoppable bombardment of percussive force. Blasts, rolls,and an unyielding bass drum lay the foundation. The bass follows suit, holding strong, with technical grooves between a driven rhythm line. Guitars ascend high as the solo grows before crashing down from overhead. “Pillars of Sand” ends abruptly as Vektor’s surgical sonic assault will leave the most battleworn metalhead awestruck.

Now go forth and listen to “Pillars of Sand.” Prepare yourself for the release of Terminal Redux on May 6 and the triumphant return of Vektor.

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