The Golden Grass – Coming Back Again


Album number two from this Brooklyn hippie-freak trio features six tracks of heavy psych grooves. We get started with “Get it Together,” a mellow, 70’s style ode to sunny ways that wouldn’t sound outta place on American Century, with a heavy chorus that recalls Foghat or Grand Funk. “Reflections in the Glass” has a more shimmery sound, reflective of 60’s psych pop, while “Shadow Traveler” adds a shuffle beat and some mouth harp while kicking out the jams over eight minutes.

After airy blues interlude “Hazy Daybreak,” they bring back the heavy rock with the 10-minute retro freakout “Down the Line.” Despite the extended length, this is a pretty straightforward bluesy rocker that brings the likes of Mothership to mind for the first four minutes, before veering off on a jazzy, space-rock interlude. More retro riffs abound on album-closer “See It Through,” which also throws in some tambourine and warm jazz guitar, coming off kinda like a friendlier Deep Purple.

Hey, if I was Richie Finestra, I’d sign these guys.…

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7.0 Rating

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