Boudain – Way of the Hoof


This Louisiana outfit is named after a spicy Cajun sausage, so they’ve already whetted my appetite before I even press play. And it certainly doesn’t hurt that they hail from a town four hours north of NOLA, home to so many great sludge bands. These guys have been grilling, erm, killing it since ’06, but with just one self-titled EP under their belts, Way of the Hoof is Boudain‘s first full-length release.

Musically, I’d say they’re more similar to the much-underrated Suplecs as opposed to some of Orleans parish’s heavier outfits. There’s a heavy stoner-rock vibe to opening treak “Sleazy Feat,” complete with Scott Hill style vocals, and an instro break around the midway mark that brings the Bitchwax to mind. “Neptune” shows shades of vintage Kyuss (think Blues for the Red Sun) with some Homme homage riffage. “Coda” would sound right at home on the Fu’s Gigantoid record, before things get a little more spacey on “3man,” which culminates in a sludgy chorus that would do the Suplecs proud.

The eight-minute “Disco Jimmy” comes off as a cross between Sleep and Weedeater, with a verse riff that sounds an awful lot like Eyehategod’s “Dixie Whiskey”—which just so happens to be my favourite EHG tune. They even end the album with a downtuned cover of the BOC classic “Godzilla” that’s even heavier than the original.

Please sir, can I have another?

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