Another Canadian metal new release round-up, 12 March 2016

Here at Hellbound we’re always trying to keep tabs on what’s new in Canadian metal. Our latest efforts include what’s turning out to be a bi-weekly round up of new Canadian releases we’re aware of, in collaboration with the radio show I host with Adam Wills, Kill Eat Exploit the Weak. If you have a release to add to the list, let us know.

New releases in Canadian metal:

26 February to 12 March 2016 (approximately)

Buffalo Theory MTL – Skeptic Knight
Released 26 February 2016
Gruesome Greg has some good words for this one in his Hellbound review. You might want to pay particular attention to the ” terrific riffage” in the final track, “Psychic Enclosure.”

Wacken Metal Battle Canada Compilation Vol. 4
Released 26 February 2016
96 bands with 96 tracks of Canadian metal, bringing together the sounds of this year’s Metal Battle competitors.

Begrime Exemious – The Enslavement Conquest
Released 4 March 2016
“Filthy metal of death” from Edmonton.

Demise of the Crown – Demise of the Crown
Released 4 March 2016
Power metal with pop appeal? From Montreal.

Projekt F – The Butterfly Effect
Released 4 March 2016
Industrial metal from Montreal.

Van Halst – World of Make Believe
Released 4 March 2016
Hard rock / metal from Toronto.

Bushwhacker – The False Dilemma
Released 5 March 2016
What happens when you relocate Yukon metallers to Vancouver?

Laura is associate editor of and co-host of weekly metal show Kill Eat Exploit the Weak on CFMU 93.3 FM. She loves doom, prog, cats and basketball, believes in equity and social justice and is not cool with any form of discrimination, marginalization, harassment or oppression.