La Chinga – Free Wheelin’


Super stoked for the sophomore slice from these Vancouver-based bashers, who put out their stellar self-titled debut back in 2013. These retro-rock revivalists are kinda like the West Coast’s answer to Monster Truck…y’know, with better weed.

Free Wheelin’ comes rolling outta the gate with “Gone Gypsy,” which sounds like early Aerosmith with some Robert Plant worshipping vocals. This song belongs in the soundtrack for that new HBO series Vinyl. “Mother of All Snakeheads” has a bit more of a laid-back, Black Crowes vibe, albeit with a very up-tempo chorus. “White Witchy Black Magic” sounds like The Eagles on speed, with that Joe Walsh swagger dialed up to James Gang. “Stoned Grease White Lightnin’” kicks out the jams—a mid-paced, heavy roller with a coupla Mountain-sized riffs thrown in for good measure. If this band ain’t tailor made for Small Stone, I don’t know who is…

Just like on their debut, things get a little more laid-back midway through, with the more-heavily Eagles inspired “Faded Angel,” while “Mountain Momma” sounds more akin to the lighter side of Zeppelin—a more jangly “Tangerine,” perhaps? And I’ll be damned if “War Cry” doesn’t strut and swagger as hard as Guns ‘n Roses in their prime and “Right On” isn’t about as ballsy as 70’s AC/DC. Canada desperately needs more bands like this!

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8.5 Rating