Arcana 13 – Danza Macabra


Colour me intrigued by this horror-inspired Italian psych/doom outfit, which just might be The Boot’s answer to Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats. Italy’s tradition of cult horror is certainly not lost on Arcana 13—they even cover the theme from Suspiria on this one.

Danza Macabra starts off with an eerie howling wind, as some Italian spoken word leads us into the meaty opening riff of “Dread Ritual.” This track shows shades of Pentagram, with soaring vocal harmonies that channel Uncle Acid. “Arcane XIII” is anchored by a solid retro riff that recalls Witchcraft or Blood Ceremony, some elite company in the occult-rock sphere, with a chorus that reminds me of Brimstone Coven. “Land of Revenge” goes a little too far down Uncle Acid Lane, but they redeem themselves with a nice blend of heavy riffage and swirling psychedelic sounds on “Oblivion Mushroom.”

Even their heavier take on “Suspiria” is pretty decent, although you’re obviously not gonna get any better than Goblin on that one.

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