Year-in-review 2015: Rob Kachluba

As another year draws to a close, we metalheads tend to take time to reflect on what the year in metal meant to us, and prepare our various lists of what was great, what sucked, and everything in between.

This year we decided to get a little more up close and personal with Team Hellbound, and get a sense of not only each staffer’s favorite albums of the year, but also a sense of the state of metal in 2015 from everyone.

We here at Hellbound thank you for your continued readership, and wish you a very headbanging 2016.

Happy Holidays from Hellbound!

— Kyle Harcott

RobKRob Kachluba

Top 10 Metal Albums of the Year:

  1. Paradise Lost – The Plague Within (Century Media)
  2. Shape of Despair – Monotony Fields (Season of Mist)
  3. Gruesome – Savage Land (Relapse)
  4. My Dying Bride – Feel the Misery (Peaceville)
  5. Deaf Dealer – Journey into Fear (Cult Metal Classics)
  6. Amorphis – Under the Red Cloud (Nuclear Blast)
  7. Grave – Out of Respect for the Dead (Century Media)
  8. Vampire – Cimmerian Shade (Century Media)
  9. Hooded Menace – Darkness Drips Forth (Relapse)
  10. Temple of Void – Of Terror and the Supernatural (Rain Without End)

Favourite Album-Cover Art of 2015:

Temple of Void – Of Terror and the Supernatural

Temple of Void

Best gig I attended in 2015:

Best gig was the Bolt Thrower/Razor show in London,On…Plain awesomeness.

Favourite physical-copy album I purchased in 2015:

Out of all the cds, lps and boxsets, my fave would have to be the Slayer Metal Eagle boxset. Great detail and makes for a nice wall hanging..

Most anticipated album for 2016:

Most anticipated album of 2016 would have to be Asphyx, one of my fave Death Metal Bands.

My 2015 in Metal

Metal for me in 2015 was another strong year, especially for Doom metal, with Hooded Menace, My Dying Bride and Shapes of Despair releasing great albums. I also started to get into Funeral Doom with the likes of Unholy, Skepticism… I purchased 127 lps and Pic Discs and 81 cds/boxsets…