El Caco – 7


Get yer mind outta the gutter—this band’s name is Spanish for thief. That said, El Caco ain’t from Mexico, Spain or some other Latin American outpost… but rather from Norway, where they’ve been a household name since 1998(!)—as its moniker would suggest, this is actually their seventh album.

Mind you, there are eight songs on here, not seven, spanning just over half an hour. “Curious” kicks it off, a crunchy slice of stoner grunge that contains plenty of cowbell, a radio-friendly chorus and a couple of Kyuss-style riffs. “Sickness” is a little more up-tempo, with a driving backbeat that brings Kylesa to mind. The crunchy riffs and soaring chorus of “Ambivalent” are somewhat akin to Truckfighters, though I’m not digging their foray into death-metal vocals on the otherwise decent “Reach Out.”

The most interesting song title has gotta be “In Space All Huge Beasts Just See.” Sure enough, it’s got its share of space-rock squeals and skronks, though ’tis but an instrumental appetizer to tide you over before the final course; “Those Possessed,” another solid slice of Swedish-style stoner rock. How have I never heard these guys before!?



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7.5 Rating

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