Tylor Dory Trio – Carried Away

Tylor Dory Trio

If I were to try and summon up Tylor Dory Trio’s sound in a soundbite, it would be that they are a cross between Opeth and Alice In Chains. But that doesn’t do justice to the depth of their music.

As you can gather from the name, we have here the classic power-trio format in the manner of Rush. When this works well, as it does here, all three members behave like a single organic entity.

The Opeth comparison isn’t surprising and indeed is a compliment, as Tylor Dory Trio mine a similar vein of progressive influences, and have the same level of emotional sincerity. It is this sincerity that makes the band special: their musical virtuosity is outstanding, but the organic human level, in the manner of Steven Wilson, is very much present.

A superb band and one well worthy of support.




Steve Earles is author and co-author of numerous projects, including To End All Wars: The WWI Graphic Anthology, available summer 2014 (http://toendallwarscomic.wordpress.com/writers/).