Sofy Major – Waste


I believe this is the third album from French noise-rock outfit Sofy Major, but seeing as they’ve also been involved in a number of splits and underground vinyl releases, I can’t be entirely sure. That said, its predecessor, Idolize, elicited comparisons to the Melvins, Unsane, Neurosis and even Nirvana from yours truly a couple years back… although I can’t seem to find that review on this site.

Anyhoo, Waste is in a somewhat similar vein, its title track kicking things off with semi-melodic vocals overtop fuzzy noise-rock riffs and some slight trappings of post-sludge. And hey man, this chorus is actually catchy!

Speaking of choruses, I do believe the refrain to “Wee See Fire” is “Whiny fuckers/whiny fuckers”—although I might be mistaken (ah-huh-huh-how-how). “Slow Everywhere” lives up to its moniker, a slow, sludgy dirge that brings Unsane to mind, while the faster-paced “Infinite Pill Case” actually sounds sorta like Clutch. And while “Black and Table” is an example of Engrish at its finest, it delivers one of the doomiest riffs you’ll ever hear from the land of wine and cheese. I am the table, indeed!

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