Mountain of Wizard – Casting Rhythms and Disturbances


This NOLA quartet, Mountain of Wizard, is best known for having the drummer who replaced Joey LaCaze in Eyehategod. Unlike some other outfits from the area, they aren’t really known nationally… at least not yet.

And they’re not really your standard sludge-metal outfit, either. For one thing, this album is entirely instrumental, featuring some up-tempo stoner grooves that bring the likes of The Sword, Saviours and even Karma to Burn or Blood of the Sun to mind. Simple Kyuss worshippers, they are not. “The Sleeve” comes off as a southern-fried cross between The Shrine and ZZ Top, while the otherwise uptempo “Circling the Walls” comes complete with some killer breakdowns that would make Uncle Kirk proud.

And while “UFO” doesn’t entirely ape Michael Shenker and company, its high-voltage, vintage heavy rock could be just what the doctor, doctor ordered. “Freezing Fire” borders on thrash metal, albeit with a southern drawl, while “Throne of Blood” serves up a heaping helping of gumbo with a side of tasty riffage.

So no, this ain’t sludge, but it certainly ain’t bad.

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7.0 Rating