Tsjuder – Antiliv

Let me start by saying… holy shit. Antiliv is THE most fierce black metal album to come out this year so far.  From sounds of pure war, tanks, explosions, air raid sirens and riff after riff after riff, these fantastic bunch of Norwegians have proved that they still know how to do this. This album is a complete terror onslaught on every single one of the human body’s senses. Tsjuder wanted no one to survive this album. By the end of Antiliv sweat will be dripping from every orifice on your body.

This being the fifth full length the band has put out since their first one in 2000 (not counting the demos and EP put out in the mid-90s), negative aspects of the band’s sound could have occurred on this record, but it is in fact the complete opposite. Tsjuder are seemingly better than ever and have come up with a release so devastating that it will go down as a monument for the year 2015.

Something that has always been admirable about Tsjuder is the thrash influence in their music. It’s always great for black metal bands to still carry on the old school thrash roots. At points in the album it seriously just feels like groovy thrash riffs with harsh vocals over them. “Demonic Supremacy” is a highlight of the album and a good example of the thrash roots still remaining present. The groove in the middle of the song seems to nod toward “Mouth of Madness,” off of their 2004 album Desert Northern Hell. Fantastic album from start to finish. Especially if you love riffs.

Check out the official premier track for “Djevelens Mesterverk” here:

(Season of Mist)