Temple of Baal – Mysterium


Temple of Baal is an impeccable four piece who seemingly rediscovered themselves. Their last effort Verses of Fire was a bit lacking in areas of raw power, emotion and execution. That isn’t to say it was terrible, but now the band has more than excelled on all those areas. Mysterium is a powerful and spiritual experience to listen to from start to finish. The glorifying of evil on this record is immensely intoxicating. This record is perfect to spin all the way through in a completely dark room and feel yourself fall into a trance.

Besides for how evil this album is, the musicianship is something that is overflowing with flair. Everything sounds so natural and self aware that its hard to pinpoint what exactly it is about Temple of Baal that is so flawless and seemingly effortless. As stated earlier, they have truly redeemed themselves as a band with this amazing album.

There’s something about this new wave of ritualistic black metal that has been capturing people’s imagination lately. It is such an emotion and thought provoking style of music that is metaphysical in its own way. Truly a work of art like this will go down as one of the best black metal albums of 2015.

Check out the track “Divine Scythe” here: TEMPLE OF BAAL – Divine Scythe by Agonia Records.

8.5 Rating