Hellbound summer metal fest guide (staff picks for 2015)

TUSKA photo above by Aku-Axel Muukka.

It’s been a couple of weeks now since Maryland Death Fest wrapped up for another year. Time to look ahead to what else the summer festival season has to offer the metal-inclined. Well, actually, our current staff picks for summer fest highlights look more like a June onslaught, a July of recovery, a short-lived return to the front lines in August, and a ‘goodbye summer’ whirlwind weekend. Feel free to comment with your picks – we know this list only captures a fraction of what’s out there. Look for reviews of some of these events and more on Hellbound in the coming months.

eyeofthestonedgoatEye of the Stoned Goat 5: June 12-13, Amityville NY

2015 marks the first time in five years that we don’t have Days of the Doomed to mark on our metal calendar, but the beloved Milwaukee metal fest’s (note the lowercase letters) demise has seen a subsequent expansion of Eye of the Stoned Goat, which first became a two-day event last year.  EOTSG has always focused more on the stoner side of things, with performances from the likes of Gozu, John Wilkes Booth and Borgo Pass, as well as West Virginia occult rockers Brimstone Coven—one of the highlights of the last DOTD.  This year’s lineup also includes some CanCon, with my buddies in Ol’ Time Moonshine making the trek down from TO.  And a weekend pass is only 25 bucks… US, mind you. (Gruesome Greg)

Nova Rock: June 12-14, Nickelsdorf AUSTRIA

Decent line up and Eagles of Death Metal playing a show with actual metal bands makes me giggle. (Josh Sullivan)

Hellfest Open Air: June 17-19, Clisson FRANCE

When old and new metal collide (in France)… nothing to say about this as the range of bands speak for themselves. (Josh Sullivan)

Copenhell: June 18-20, Copenhagen DENMARK

Gojira, At the Gates, Turbonegro and Primus sold me on this one, but I refuse to spoil anymore of the line up (spoiler: it’s good). (Josh Sullivan)

The Maryland Doom Festival: June 26-28, Frederick MD

So, it’s not quite MDF (y’know, the other MDF), but the first inaugural Maryland Doom Fest features headlining performances from The Skull, Spirit Caravan, Iron Man and Apostle of Solitude alongside a whole buncha local bands from the area known internationally as the Doom Capital.  Full festival pass is 60 bones, but probably worthwhile for Wino alone. (Gruesome Greg)

heavymontreal_24x36_heavy_montreal_byday_03_06_2015_ang (1)Tuska 2015: June 26-28, Helsinki FINLAND

The world debut of Abbath (new solo project of the former Immortal frontman), Amorphis playing Tales from the Thousand Lakes in its entirety, black metal dining… not too shabby. (Laura Wiebe)

Heavy Montreal: August 7-9, MONTREAL QC

Huge range of mainstream North America acts and some groups from Europe. Diverse range of genres. (Josh Sullivan)

Looking forward to Abbath, Nuclear Assault, Sanctuary. (Rob Kachluba)

Partnering up with Heavy Montreal, and also worth checking out, is this year’s Grimposium, August 4-6: art, documentary screening, panels, and a “suite of exclusive music performances at the Katacombes bar.” (Laura Wiebe)

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