ANICON – Aphasia [EP]

Anicon are OH so atmospheric black metal from New York. I noticed the name as they previously did a split release with a band called Belus which I enjoyed. They have recently released a three-track EP and have an LP on the way as well. You can listen to the EP on their Bandcamp here:

It’s perhaps not the kind of stuff most people would think of for rainy summer days (but who cares about those people), but this is such a beautifully put together couple of tracks. A bright tone here laid on top of a dark doomy riff there (opening track “Fall From Earth” booms in with this right away) – this is a pretty simple winning combination. There are some nice smooth calm repetitions of passages without any vocals, and then the second track (“To See Into the Night”) rips onward with a more thrashy appeal. Wrapping up this teasingly short release with more fast paced riffage (“I Wander in Drought”), things become pretty much irresistibly kinetic. Who knows, maybe I just can’t resist a well-placed drum fill. *hits repeat*


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