Demon Eye – Tempora Infernalia


Not to be confused with Demon Lung from Las Vegas, this Carolina quartet takes its name from a track offa Deep Purple’s Fireball record. Suffice to say, they’ve got a throwback, ’70s sound, albeit with a healthy dose of proto-doom mixed in.

On their second album, the outfit serves up the tunage with shades of Priestess, Roadsaw, Pentagram, and maybe Purple themselves, although the organ is notably absent from this release. Tunes like “Listen to the Darkness” and “See the Signs” practically ooze Bobby Liebling, while the ever-present ’70s shuffle shows up throughout the album.  Overall, they give off a similar vibe to Cincy outfit Electric Citizen, another band that’s doing retro right.

(Soulseller Records)


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7.5 Rating