Connoisseur – Stoner Justice


Pretty sure I reviewed this when it was just an EP—but I can’t seem to find that write-up anywhere on the site. Anyhoo, Connoisseur is a marijuana-themed crust-punk outfit from Oakland—or Smokeland, as they call it, and with song titles like “Circle of Heads,” “I Am the Weed” and “Full Blown Marijuana Addict,” you can probably figure out what they’re all about.

But in expanding the original Stoner Justice EP from six to 14 tracks, they appear to have lost the plot. I dunno man, but tunes entitled “Machinegun Grenade,” “Orc Summer” and “Smells Like Teen Dispirit” kinda harsh my mellow. Not that this is much of a puff-puff-pass soundtrack to begin with—containing an unhealthy dose of Dystopia with EHG crystals in full bloom. It might not give ya the munchies, but there’s definitely nothing wrong with this record.

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8.0 Rating