Nest – S/T EP

Like a gratuitous steel-toed punt to a prone skull, NEST kick the shit out of restraint and then some with an overdriven, relentlessly brutal 2-man black-hearted doom beat down straight from the KEEPER/PRIMITIVE MAN/FISTER school of glacial extremity. Pummelling, ponderous drums wrestle with ursine-heavy guitars and some apropos samples on this raw, dynamic self-titled EP (available via Bandcamp as a name your price DL).

Lexington, Kentucky-based guitarist Kyle Keener and drummer/vocalist Corey Stringer grab the listener by the larynx from the get go and refuse to release, challenging anyone who might doubt their contemptuous sincerity to call their bluff.

Yeah. Go right ahead, kid. Your funeral.

Dense walls of vile, downtuned misanthropy gird the methodical, deceptively succinct attack of opener ‘The Inexplicable Conclusion of Life,’ proving that one need not perpetually embark on umpteen-minute doom marches to nowhere just to fulfil rote genre expectations. This acute sense of creative economy affords NEST a rare immediacy in songwriting impact; out of five tracks total, only one, ‘To Carry a Broken Body,’ is longer than 03:43. Avoiding the deadly trap of stoner doom ad nauseam helps keep uncompromising exercises in harsh aural oblivion like ‘The Womb is Barren in a Feral Light’ from meandering down a tedious path of self-indulgent irrelevance.

Less is (still) more (or so says the rumour mill).

With unhinged sonic aggression this irresistibly assertive and direct, one can’t help but embrace limp resignation. Seriously – just try to wrest your throat from NEST’s white-knuckled death grip. You’ll only compound the crushing momentum.


Matthew Elliot is a political and music writer, editor, and social media hooligan from London, ON. A lifelong, obsessive metal fanatic, he tries not to take the third person too seriously. Tries. Send promo blasts to: [email protected].