Atavismo – Desintegración


This Hawkwind-influenced Spanish trio features former members of Viaje A 800 and released one of The Obelisk’s Top 10 debuts of 2014… which gives me reason enough to give this one a listen.  The songs on here don’t drag on throughout the night—the four tracks range from just under seven to 11-and-a-half minutes long.

The first cut is the longest, “Blazava,” serving up some synth-enhanced space rock with Spanish flavour and a slice of Hawkwind.  This one takes a while to get going before it fully takes flight, maintaining a mellow pace for the most part.  Despite its imposing title, “Kraken” sounds more at home amongst the mellower moments of the Hawkwind catalogue, while “Oceanica” almost sounds like a CD of ocean sounds initially, with soothing Spanish vocals recalling Boris in some of their softer moments.  “Meeh” actually reminds me a lot of OM, what with its bass-heavy, middle-eastern vibe.

Overall, this is mellow, chill-out music that never quite soars.

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6.5 Rating