AMATEUR CONCERT PHOTOGRAPHY HOUR: Electric Wizard/Blood Ceremony/Satan’s Satyrs @ Lee’s Palace, April 5, 2015

Electric Wizard’s Time to Die tour marked their first extended trek across North American in 13 years, and their first Toronto appearance in…forever!?  No wonder it was such a hot ticket.  The TO show sold out in a week, with plenty of people trekking up from Rochester, Buffalo and Satan-knows-where-else for the festivities.  And this was just the second time I’ve ever seen scalpers outside of Lee’s Palace–me, I bought my ticket on StubHub a couple days beforehand, for twice the face value.  But hey, based on their recent touring activity, it’s not like they’ll be back next year or anything…

Satan’s Satyrs had the honour of opening the evening–and the entire tour, for that matter, as their bassist is pulling double duty in The Wiz’s touring lineup.  You can tell these guys are from the Doom Capital, as they sound an awful lot like Pentagram, albeit played at faster tempos.

electric wizard 004

electric wizard 003

electric wizard 005

electric wizard 006

electric wizard 009

It only feels like I haven’t seen Blood Ceremony in forever–in reality, I think it’s been over a year.  And they’ve clearly moved past the doom rock of their debut, from which only one song was aired in their supporting set.  But hey, when Electric Wizard comes to Toronto, could you even think of calling any other outfit to open for them?

electric wizard 011

electric wizard 013

electric wizard 015

electric wizard 017

electric wizard 021

electric wizard 022

electric wizard 023

electric wizard 027

electric wizard 029

electric wizard 033

electric wizard 034

electric wizard 037

Electric Wizard had clearly underestimated the demand for merchandise on this tour.  By their sixth stop in Toronto, they had sold out of everything but a few posters–and there were still 10 dates remaining!  Methinks soon we’ll be seeing those t-shirts selling for outrageous sums online…only this time, I won’t be buying.  To summarize otherwise, the Wizard was worth the wait.  If you missed ’em, you missed out!

electric wizard 038

electric wizard 041

electric wizard 044

electric wizard 048

electric wizard 049

electric wizard 051

electric wizard 053

electric wizard 056

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