The Atomic Bitchwax – Gravitron


Haven’t heard from the Atomic Bitchwax in a bit—their last record, one-track, 42-minute instrumental The Local Fuzz dropped in 2011. But they’re coming in hot and fast with this new effort, 10 songs spanning 33 minutes and change. Even though Ed Mundell’s long gone, they’re now more of a Monster Magnet side project than ever; what with main man Chris Kosnik becoming Wyndorf’s bassist a couple years back.

Back behind the mic, Kosnik maintains his Jersey stoner drawl overtop riffs that recall his other outfit on leadoff track “Sexecutioner.” The band brings the fuzz on tunes like “It’s Alright” and “Porto World” while still getting their instrumental groove on with “War Claw” and “Fuck Face.” If you like your stoner rock to be more up-tempo, you really can’t go wrong here. These guys have definitely still got it!

Check out “Sexecutioner” courtesy of the Atomic Bitchwax facebook page: Sexecutioner.mp3.


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7.5 Rating