Crypt Sermon – Out of the Garden


Everything about Crypt Sermon just screams power-metal (in a Dio-style falsetto) to me. The name, the font, the album cover of a knight riding up to a castle…and yet, I’m told they have more than a hint of the Candlemass, or even the Dio-era Sabbath, to them.  Hey, if this album’s anything like Atlantean Kodex, it’s probably right up my alley.

“Temple Doors” open slowly and softly, revealing a hearty slab of Candlemassian sadness within. Perhaps a bit more along the lines of the Robert Lowe-era, but that’s still nothing to sneeze at.  Phil Swanson’s Vestal Claret also comes to mind, particularly on numbers like the relatively more-upbeat “Into the Holy of Holies.”  “Heavy Riders” gallops along at a slow ‘n steady pace,  providing some solid mid-paced pounding. I think they might owe royalties to a long-running Toronto outfit for “Will of the Ancient Call,” but nevertheless, tis a nice, slow burn—not even remotely black metal sounding. 😉

Though this album doesn’t soar to the heights of the aforementioned artists, it’s still not a bad way to start the year.  Doom out with yer tomb out!


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7.0 Rating