Northumbria – Bring Down the Sky


There’s something special about Northumbria and their latest, Bring Down the Sky. The ambient metal drone duo of guitarist Jim Field and bassist Dorian Williamson sound like the heavens conversing with subterranean realms resulting in the ying/yang earthly experience we know. Structurally independent and devoid of solid forms, the listener’s mind is thrown open to experience the songs in their own unique way. The song titles give some direction but ultimately what the listener envisions is entirely in their own mind. It’s beautiful. It’s emotional and most of all, it’s inspiring. Thusly it has inspired me to express my experience with Bring Down the Sky as a series of poems based on each song. I hope you enjoy them.

N.B. I know next to nothing about poetry.



Cast aside earthly tethers, for something greater lies within reach


Leave behind the cruelty of absolutes in a world of black and white


Destiny beckons from beyond the grossness of the senses


Feel and accept the greater existence connecting all that is known and unknown


Eternal peace unlocked from within


 “The Ocean Calls Us Home”

Sun rises in splendour

Warmth, awakening, fresh and full of hope

Darkness lurks, ominous

Waiting to ensnare and defeat


Light spreads

Illuminating all, both ugly and beautiful

It reaches for the far horizon

Through the valley it travels as the world turns below


The ocean feels its warmth

Light penetrates the fathomless depths

Colours emerge and shimmer in the shallows

Oppressive darkness beckons from beyond the drop


The endless expanse humbles

Possibility knows no bounds

Beauty and danger, life and death in harmony

The balance is tipping, death gains the advantage


Deeper into despair, the darkness calls

The glorious light dies a slow death

Cold, a cold from which there is no escape

Deeper and deeper, the ocean calls us home



It’s safe here, high among the clouds

Drifting, floating above a crude existence

Peacefully detached from the courser senses


Yet a tether remains, grounding

The bodily form held in proximity

The mind, free, meanders through the heavens


All is fluid here, nothing sharp

A blissful state surrounds the whole

Separating, maintaining a sobering lucidity


Oh! How the bond remains ever present

It’s safe here, serene and eternally tranquil

There shall be no return, this moment is forever


“The Silver Forest”

The wheel of time is ever turning

Even the strongest are no match

A gentle breeze blows through the forest

Dancing unobstructed through the once proud pines

But time has drained their life away

Standing still, they’ve turned to ash and stone

Behold! The Silver Forest

Sorrow sits heavy upon the Wind Spirit

Turns to dread and anger and lust for revenge

Unknowingly this negativity arises

A revelation, knowledge of time’s ravages

What is done is done and cannot be undone

Embrace and find beauty in transformation


“Bring Down the Sky”

Darkness hangs heavy, eternal

Motes of light burst gently

Cracks form and expand, groaning against the strain

Something is wrong

The colours are restless

Sorrow and hopelessness dominate, dread slows time

In the distance something rises, faintly

Bringing strength

To rebuild we must destroy

Gather courage and resolve

Rise and forge on, no matter the cost

But in the end it all fades to nothingness


Northumbria’s music does not exist on the plane upon which we place our feet, but above and below where wistfulness and darkness mask the tangible. It comes from an unknown place deep within its creators. When the conditions arise, a seed from ages past sprouts and takes form in this life. And a power uncontrolled and uncontrolling blossoms as a manifestation of sound.

How will Bring Down the Sky inspire you?

Released November 21, 2014 by Consouling Sounds

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