Viathyn – Cynosure

Once again, another self-release that would put a major label to shame, this is of the same quality as many a band on, for example, Nuclear Blast. The music is very heavy, but progressive, and very heartfelt, reminding me of folk music in its feel and atmosphere.

The song-writing is superb, which is how it should be, a very sincere sounding band. It’s music that comes from the heart. Such as the moving “Time Will Take Us All” – that really struck a chord with me, with its heartfelt lyrics: “I never belonged here with All Of You / Time Will Take You All / The World That Was Never Mine To See / Cast Aside Like A crippling Black Disease / Forgotten like A Dream That’s Never Seen / I Paid My Dues, Always thought I Was The One.

Overall, an excellent band, and one that deserves to be heard. Viathyn are here to stay.



@Viathyn Viathyn

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