Northumbria and Famine – Blood Orchid

Blood Orchid is a nearly 16-minute live collaboration between Northumbria and Famine. The ambient drone unfolds over an expanse of time that feels much longer than it actually is because of how deeply you can get lost in it and lose your sense of reality.

It feels futuristic and ancient at the same time as if transmitted from deep space and is only arriving now. Industrial overtones and slow thumps bring forth a sense of doom, while waves of synths wash away any feelings of groundedness.

The soundscape throbs with a balance of tones. From low drones through ascendant synths to what feels like bright, fleeting entities sweeping in and out of focus leaving trails in their wake like dust motes floating by a window.

A machine-like hum and pulse conflicts with the feelings of calm instilled by the organic nature of the music.

Embracing the doom, the psychedelic complexion and macrocosmic/microcosmic duplicity of the universe, what Northumbria is able to capture leads to a deep and meditative state. As portentous and gargantuan as the track can get, tranquillity and peacefulness dominate the experience.

Somewhere deep in the universe, external or internal, this is the natural order of existence. And Blood Orchid is merely a magnificent glimpse beyond what we know.

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