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December is almost upon us. Unless you’re one of those highly-organized, forward-thinking people, you’ve likely still got a ways to go with your holiday shopping. There’s still plenty of time! But we here at Hellbound want to make things as easy for as possible, so once again we’re stepping up to help you out on your quest for the perfect gift. And if anything on this list happens to strike your fancy, well, why not share it with the folks who will be filling your stocking? Without further ado, welcome to the 2014 edition of Hellbound’s Metalhead Holiday Gift Guide.

From Matthew Elliot


Black Metal: Evolution of the Cult

Yes, black metal theory is apparently now a thing. But even lay-kvltists will no doubt be delighted to find Black Metal: Evolution of the Cult under the tree on Xmas Day. Dayal Patterson’s weighty but fascinating reference tome is sure to please both budding corpse-painted academics and ordinary, everyday acolytes of infernal putrescence — get your copy signed with extra material at Evolution Of The (Quietus review/author interview)

multi_tools Stainless steel collar stays / bottle openers

Stainless steel collar stays / bottle openers

From Gruesome Greg

For the true metal head at the office, these collar stays will keep shirts looking sharp with 316L Grade Stainless Steel.  They can even be used as a bottle opener…y’know, for the office party. $1 to $1.80 apiece, according to this semi-sketchy Indian website.

From Gabe Hughes

THE BOX OF BLACK BOOKS: Metalion, Only Death Is Real, and Swedish Death Metal Collection


Stocking stuffers are heavy metal books! Metal books are important to the scene because metalheads are always learning more and more about new bands as well as heavy metal history. They’re also important for giving fans something they can relate to and discuss! Great ones are Lords of Chaos, Mean Deviation, Choosing Death, Swedish Death Metal, and Only Death is real, many of which can be found at

Halloween Michael Myer Knives Baseball Cap

Halloween Michael Myer Knives Baseball Cap

For those in the more extreme frost-bitten zones, why not some great toques and beanies to keep the precious metal fans’ ears and head warm during the winter months while representing your favourite band or movie? They don’t even have to be metal ones: horror or sci-fi flicks will do! Heavy Metal Merchant, Indie Merch Store and Fear Shop have several options to choose from: the Mercyful Fate trucker hat (Indie Merch), the Behemoth Furor Divinus Beanie (Heavy Metal Merchant), or this Halloween / Michael Meyers baseball cap from Fear Shop.


From Renee Trotier

Lucipurr shirt from Black Craft Cult

Lucipurr shirt from Black Craft Cult

All You Need… Coffee Mug by Black Craft Cult

All You Need… Coffee Mug by Black Craft Cult

1. Metal Cat Mug and Shirt by Black Craft Cult
New York based clothing company Black Craft Cult was created under the guiding motto “Create your own future.” The brand combines seriously cool black and white designs with the type of satanic and occult themes that most metal heads can appreciate. Maybe one of the coolest things in their catalogue? This “Lucipurrr” shirt which features an evil kitty complete with inverted cross. Combine it with the mug pictured here and you’ve got yourself the perfect cat lover’s gift set.

Black Metal Bitter Tundra Cologne Oil

Black Metal Bitter Tundra Cologne Oil

2. Black Metal Cologne Oil
Who’d want to smell like teen spirit when they can smell like corpse paint instead? This roll on cologne from Etsy seller Soapopotamus is a unisex fragrance designed to complement the frost bitten Norwegian in all of us. Blending notes of moss, bark, resin, pepper, musk and leather, it is described as smelling “earthy” and “complicated”. A great stocking stuffer at only $10 a bottle.

Mastodon "Black Blood" from Dark Matter Coffee

Mastodon “Black Blood” from Dark Matter Coffee

3. Mastodon Coffee

From the geniuses at Dark Matter Coffee comes this limited release run of Mastodon inspired whole bean coffee. It’s an espresso based roast that’s aged in real Bourbon barrels and comes in a package that beautifully showcases the artwork from Mastodon’s latest release “Once More Around the Sun.” With only 3000 packages made, it’s a gift that’s thoughtful, functional and really freaking cool. (The “Doom Chuggy” collaboration with Thrill Jockey Records also looks pretty cool, and comes with a CD or cassette mixtape — Ed.)

From Laura Wiebe

Black Metal Snow Globe

Black Metal Snow Globe

Century Media is a reliable standby for your essential heavy metal xmas gear. They’re even kind enough to gather it all together for you in a special “Christmas Essentials” Holiday list. This year’s highlights include the “I Heart Black Metal” tree ornament, the Inverted Cross Embroidered Scarf, and the limited release “Keepin’ It Warm snow globe, limited to 500 hand-numbered pieces (“shake it up to see the fire and ash circle around this burning church surrounded by black fencing and tombstones”).

As Renee suggested, Etsy is a great place to find some unusual metal gifts. Here are a few items that caught my eye: Thrash and Shred Rings, the Cattle Decapitation Pillow, the Black Metal Piggy Bank, and (how could I resist?) the My Cat Listens to Metal Sweatshirt.


From Adam Wills

Ginger Metal Sweatshirt (Red)

Ginger Metal Sweatshirt (Red)

Ginger Metal Sweatshirt (Green)

Ginger Metal Sweatshirt (Green)

It’s an Emperor-inspired “Ginger Metal Sweatshirt” from the Foo Fighters in your choice of red or green. What more could be said?

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