Witch Mountain – Mobile of Angels


Much like the first time I saw ’em, Witch Mountain was recently touring in support of an album that wasn’t even available yet… at least not on vinyl.  I did grab a CD, though, and if the live preview was any indication, their third record should be pretty decent.

Sure enough, she opens up with a signature bluesy Rob Wrong riff, “Psycho Animundi” bobbing and weaving through a maze of stop-start riffage, Uta Plotkin soaring overtop as per usual.  “Can’t Settle” is all slow and Sleepy, not sounding outta place on South of Salem—which is definitely a good thing!  Not a fan when they bring back the death-metal vocals, though.  It’s kinda like driving a Ferrari through a school zone, if ya know what I mean…

“Your Corrupt Ways (Sour the Hymn)” is the longest song on here at 10-and-a-half minutes, a slowly-rolling blues tune that eventually adds an understated doom riff into the mix.  That said, this one’s still pretty mellow.  The title track is no more than a three-minute interlude, with spoken word ‘n organ ‘n shit, giving way to closing number “The Shape Truth Takes.”  This last cut is also more mellow, leaving one wondering, where did all the riffs go?

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7.0 Rating