Staff playlists: the fall (and Canadian thanksgiving) edition

Hungarian band Autumn Twilight, courtesy of

Hungarian band Autumn Twilight, courtesy of

It’s staff playlist time again! Check out the most recent picks (though not necessarily for recent music) from Hellbound’s staff. Some are fall themed, or tuned in to the celebratory long weekend of Canadian Thanksgiving (perhaps even Oktoberfest). Others, well, we picked ’em just because we like ’em. Keep reading to get the scoop on what’s been pleasing our ears.

Bill Adams

Happy Thanksgiving, turkey-mongers! The powers that be at Hellbound said they were looking for an October-themed playlist, and it just happened to work out that a lot of what I happened to be listening to lately was released in – surprise! – October, or at least very late September. Here’s some of the stuff I liked best on my turntable/CD player/mp3 player lately, in no particular order:

Coheed and CambriaIn Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 (vinyl reissue, Columbia/Equal Vision/Sony Music/Legacy): While no fan would claim that this new vinyl reissue is the best laid out piece of wax they’ve ever seen (one part, Velourium ends up on the flipside of the other two, for example, and “2113” is the only track on Side D), the remastering job done and resulting fidelity/quality of sound is phenomenal.
Electric WurmsMusik, die Schwer zu Twerk EP (Warner Brothers) (
Death From Above 1979The Physical World (
Gary Clark Jr. – Live (Warner Brothers) (
The Melvins – Hold It In (Ipecac) (

Gruesome Greg

1. Orange GoblinBack from the Abyss (Candlelight)
2. Today is the DayAnimal Mother (Southern Lord)
3. Apostle of SolitudeOf Woe and Wounds (Cruz del Sur)
4. Lo-PanColossus (Small Stone)
Aaaaand, because he’s coming to town – and I’m actually listening to this as I type…
5. King DiamondAbigail (pre-sellout Roadrunner Records)

Matt Hinch

Autumn is my favourite season. The harvest comes in, the leaves are changing, crisp mornings make you feel alive and this handful of killer albums soundtrack the shortening of days.

ALUNAHAwakening the Forest (Napalm): An awakening in the Fall may not seem right but I’ve been waking up with the title track to this excellent doom album in my head for weeks. Big riffs, sweet melodies and Soph Day’s powerful vocals ensure I’ll be spinning this long after the snow flies. Suited for whiskey mornings and fans of Witch Mountain. (

ANCIENT VVISDOMSacrificial (Magic Bullet): Who knew the occult and Satanism could sound so inviting? Dark themes dominate Ancient VVisdom’s work but the music and vocals are loaded with magical melody and hooks. “Chaos Will Reign” and “Devil’s Work” are particularly endearing. Suited for midnight rituals and subconscious indoctrination. (

WINTERFYLLETHThe Divination of Antiquity (Candlelight): Sure, it has Winter in the name and not Autumn or Fall but this album is outstanding. Love of land and lore bleed into every facet of the album. Soaring melodies and relentlessness ripen over and hour and six minutes (with the bonus track on the digipack) of stellar black metal. Beauty, power and reverence make for a captivating listen. Suited for spirited jogs in the forest or travelling through time. (

ORANGE GOBLINBack From the Abyss (Candlelight): With Halloween right around the corner how could I not mention a new album from Orange Goblin? The UK stoner rockers are back at it and just as potent as ever. Biker blooze and easy breezy riffs back Big Ben’s coarse throat. With OG you know what you’re getting and Back From the Abyss holds back the tricks and serves up the treats. Suited for knockin’ back some pumpkin beers and getting a groove on. (

PRIMORDIAL – “Where Greater Men Have Fallen” (Metal Blade): The album isn’t out until late November but Metal Blade put up a lyric video for the title track. If you know Primordial then you know you’re gonna get some epic stuff. If the album is anything like this track, and I bet it is, the Irish folkened black metal legends will further cement their legacy with powerful and uplifting music. Those more privileged than I are saying it’s fantastic. Suited for conquest and proudly contemplating Irish heritage. (

Gabe Hugh

1. Entombed – Wolverine Blues
2. Helloween – Keeper of the Seven Keys Parts 1 and 2
3. Iron MaidenThe Number of the Beast
4. Opeth – Pale Communion
5. AgallochThe Serpent and the Sphere

Rob Hughes

GOATCommune (Sub Pop)
ShellacDude Incredible (Touch and Go)
QueenLive at the Rainbow ’74 (Eagle Vision)
Trans AmRed Line (Thrill Jockey)
King Crimsonlive in Seattle 10/6/14

Rob Kachluba

1- PallbearerFoundations of Burden
2- My Dying BrideA Map of All Our Failures
3- DustboltAwake the Riot
4- SlaughterdayRavenous
5- Horrendous – ECDYSIS

Jonathan Smith

1. Type O NegativeOctober Rust (Roadrunner Records)
2. ColdworldMelancholie² (Cold Dimensions)
3. Darkspace III + I (Avantgarde Metal)
4. Lacuna CoilDark Adrenaline (Century Media Records)
5. AncstIn Turmoil (Fragile Branch Recordings)

Reading: Duma Key, Stephen King
Watching: Youtube videos in which goats sound like screaming humans

Renee Trotier

1. SolstafirOtta (Season of Mist)
2. Anaal NathrakhDesiteratum (Metal Blade)
3. Blues Pills – S/T (Nuclear Blast)
4. MastodonOnce More Around The Sun (Warner Bros. Records)
5. WolvhammerClawing Into Black Sun (Profound Lore)

Watching: Trailer Park Boys Season 8

Adam Wills

Woods of Ypres – “Outro: The End of August” (Krankenhaus Records): While it’s well past the end of August, the final track of Woods II is a grand conclusion to a great Canadian album, reflecting upon the final days of the warm summer and into the crisp cooling autumnal airs. (
Type O NegativeOctober Rust (Roadrunner): Impossible (and unnecessary) to single out a single track, there is no better soundtrack to the month than October Rust. (
DrudkhAutumn Aurora (Supernal): Atmospheric black metal at it’s best, Drudkh’s Autumn Aurora is a must listen to for any season, but especially hits a nerve during the harvest months. (
November’s DoomThe Pale Haunt Departure (The End): One of the most consistent doom bands, November’s Doom popped onto my radar with The Pale Haunt Departure, and have been a fan ever since. (
Opeth – Blackwater Park (Music for Nations): While some say that Opeth’s breakthrough album is Still Life, Blackwater Park is the album that turned me on to the band and I can think of few better songs than “Harvest” as the perfect soundtrack to the season.

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