Pallbearer – Foundations of Burden


Man, I gotsta say, this new Pallbearer rekkid is pretty fancy-schmancy: a double dose of uber-thick vinyl (I’m guessing 180g) that comes with a glossy poster/lyric sheet.  Profound Lore really went all-out on this one… but considering the success of its critically-acclaimed predecessor, Sorrow and Extinction, I can see why they felt ’twas worth the effort.

Suffice to say, the band continues to tread along similar paths, practicing the same brand of melodic, melancholic doom as heard from the likes of Warning (undoubtably their biggest influence).  Not sappy enough to be goth, but perhaps not as downtuned and downtrodden as the Circle of True Doom—for what it’s worth, I find Pallbearer to be more interesting than Reverend Bizarre, anyways.

And really, vinyl is the perfect format for this kinda music.  The sombre songs (all but one are 8+ minutes) sorta segue seamlessly from one to the next, so you don’t really hafta keep a close eye on the track-listing.  The only downside is that you gotta flip this thing not once, not twice, but three times.  But hey, that still beats streaming it on yer laptop!

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