Sorxe – Surrounded by Shadows


Though I haven’t heard of them before, Sorxe is part of the same Arizona sludge scene as the likes of TOAD, Godhunter and North — not to mention the Southwest Terror Fest, which I hope to attend some day — so that’s good enough for me to give ’em a listen.

“Steamroller” comes rolling out of the gate with the same kind of slo-mo, NOLA-infused sludge that you’d hear from Godhunter, a knock-down, drugged-out number that suddenly comes clean just past the halfway mark. Second track “Her Majesty” is a bit more blackened, but it also has its own slower, sparser section, complete with some Jason Roeder-style tribal drumming. “Join Us” shows more shades of Neurosis, although it ultimately ends on a droney note.

Basically, this is some pretty solid post-sludge throughout. You can even toss in a bit of Sleep (“Smoke Signals”), early Zoroaster (“Make It So”) and maybe even some Goblin on the title track’s horror-soundtrack vibes. All in all, it’s a pretty tasty dish.

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8.0 Rating