The New Jacobin Club – Soldiers of the Mark

The New Jacobin Club make the cast of the Rocky Horror Picture Show look like the Mormon Tabernacle Choir! For certain, their live shows must be out of this world, but what of the music? Is there substance to back up the style?

Thankfully there is! Their PR describes this as something you’d like if you like The Misfits or Danzig. Well, theatricality aside, I see little of The Misfits in the music of The New Jacobin Club. On Soldiers of the Mark, I do hear some of the classic Rick Rubin, when he was an actual producer as opposed to a kind of beard/totem combo that bands pay lots of money to, in the hope that  having his name on a record (Metallica’s weak Death Magnetic springs to mind) will make it sound like his classic productions of Slayer, Danzig, Trouble, The Cult ect. Not so, sadly.

No, musically I hear Samhain, and The Sisters of Mercy circa Floodland and Vision Thing. This is a good thing, The New Jacobin Club are seriously good musicians and they’ve written and performed an album of seriously good songs. I’m very impressed with their skill, there is even a theremin on their album (that’s what the weird sound you hear on the soundtrack of Mars Attacks is!).

Very good album, and one that deserves to be heard far beyond a horror rock niche audience.


































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