The Cutthroats 9 – Dissent


This Bay Area trio, The Cutthroats 9, features howling madman frontman Chris Spencer of Unsane fame and released its debut on Man’s Ruin, waaaaay back in the day. Based on that information, I think you can take a guess as to what Dissent, their comeback EP, might sound like.

And you’d be pretty much right. “Speak” comes growling out of the gate with some punishing sludge, its bass-driven verses leading to a riff-heavy, noisy chorus. “Trouble” slithers along similar lines, Spencer adopting the vicious vocals that’ll surely make veins pop beneath his backwards baseball cap. (If you saw Unsane live not too long ago, you’ll know what I mean.)

“Eraser” doesn’t even give its predecessor time to breathe before launching another sludge assault, and it’s apparent at this point that what this EP lacks in variety, it more than makes up in vitriol. They save the doomiest for the de facto title track, “Dissension” strongly opposing all things light and fluffy with its punishing basslines. You could even call it a logical extension of Unsane.

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7.5 Rating