Sadhak – Sadhak


Well, he’s got the first part of the band name right, anyways. Not your typical one-man Norwegian metal band, Sadhak actually plays longing, despondent doom à la Warning or 40 Watt Sun. And no, his last name’s not Walker…

This debut EP consists of two songs averaging nine minutes in length. “On the Arrival of Man” kicks things off, low ‘n slow as one would expect. A winding guitar riff gives way to just cymbals before a very Pat Walkeresque vocal makes its first appearance. Same mournful cries, just a different accent. That said, this number is largely instrumental, a crunchy, crawling crasher that certainly goes nowhere fast.

B Side “The Perfection of Wisdom” might be slightly more upbeat, but don’t let that fool you; as far as funeral music goes, it’s the “Amazing Grace” to its predecessor’s “Danny Boy.” The crashing snares remind me of black metal, but this song is more bleak than black, oozing solace and solitude. Hey, as far as Warning tribute bands go, this is pretty decent.

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6.5 Rating