Jupiter Zeus – On Earth


The band’s bio makes mention of the fact that the previous incarnation of Jupiter Zeus was called Nebula. And no, this is not Eddie Glass’s band or anything — they were apparently completely oblivious to the fact that there was already a pretty popular stoner band by that name, which is made all the more odd by the fact that these guys purportedly play heavy psych themselves. I mean, they are from Australia, but still…

Anyhow, with the name change comes this new album, and I don’t think they’ll owe Eddie any royalties (though he could probably use the money). These tunes fall a little more on the swirly, pseudo-goth, psychedelic side. Airy, spaced-out vocals kinda bring Hawkwind to mind, albeit with a more laid-back pace. More laid-back than vintage Hawkwind, that is. The first couple tunes on here might not be outtta place on Space Hawks.

Actually, make that almost every tune. No wonder they hadn’t heard of Nebula — this isn’t very heavy, after all.

(Magnetic Eye Records)


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