Axeslasher – Anthology of Terror Vol. 1


By Matt Hinch

Earlier this year Denver/LA thrashers Axeslasher teased us with the “Mark of the Pizzagram/Invasion of the Babesnatchers” single. That was to become the lead track(s) on Anthology of Terror Vol. 1. But we had to wait months before the 6+1 song release actually surfaced. What an agonizing wait. Turns out the adage “Good things come to those who wait” held true in this case.

Anthology of Terror Vol. 1 rips and shreds with filth, grime, blood and passion. Edgy thrash is Axeslasher’s medium of choice (cuts) but there’s a splattering of death metal on the walls as well. Their style throws back to the ’80s not only musically but in terms of lyrics and imagery as well. Dude (mastermind Justin Lascelle (vocals/guitars)) loves his slasher flicks. Throughout AoTV1 we find excellent musicianship and a flare for writing catchy fucking riffs. No head is left unbanged as these guys (Lascelle, Jake Kauffman – bass, Brynjar Helgetun – drums) split skulls with punchy riffs and eviscerating solos. Not to mention the castigation inflicted by some serious percussion.

“Woodland Tortuary” works a bit of doom vibe into the ripping gallop. “The Axeslasher” murders the ears on all fronts: epic solo, growling vocals, vicious riffs and the most memorable lyric on the whole album, “Everybody fucking dies tonight!” The sinister “Order of the Coven” hits like an army of sledgehammers yet still works in that thrashy gallop.

The last proper track is called “Gucci Gucci.” Sounds a little “off” doesn’t it? That’s because it’s a Kreayshawn cover. Apparently. I’m blissfully ignorant to pop music but Axeslasher suitably evils the shit outta this track to a degree that you couldn’t even tell if it wasn’t for the title. And it has some of the slickest riffs on AoTV1. Must be all the pizza grease. Bonus track “The Drifter’s Warning” takes the speed to the next level, sounding more thrashed-up-death than necro-thrash.

Axeslasher generated a metric fuck-ton of hype prior to this release and Anthology of Terror Vol. 1 thankfully lives up to it. Clenched fist aggression, plenty of attitude and the chops to back it all up make this EP necksnapping fun.

Eat pizza. Worship Satan. Listen to Axeslasher.

Adam has been a photographer for Hellbound since day 1 and also has a hand in the technical aspects of running the site.