Noothgrush/Coffins split


By Gruesome Greg

Both of these bands are certainly no stranger to splits—this is Noothgrush’s 11th and the 16th(!) for Coffins.  And while they’ve shared sides with the likes of Sourvein, Hooded Menace and Corrupted before, this could very well be their most crushing collab yet.

Noothgrush starts us off with three tracks, beginning with “Humandemic,” a Sabbathian stew with some traditional doom riffage centering crashing percussion and anguished death growls on the checking line from hell.  “Jundland Wastes” is not unfamiliar to fans of the band—an earlier version of said number appeared on their Live For Nothing comp.  This updated take remains every bit as potent, a slowly oozing sludge that’ll clog up yer drainpipe.  The nine-minute “Thoth” is the longest song on either side, beginning in true 90’s sludge fashion with a series of sound clips from Satan-knows-where, before another devastating doom riff comes crashing down.  This one crawls along at a snail’s pace, vomitous vocals spewing out toxic black bile.  It slows to a stop halfway through, with swirling feedback and more sound clips, before eventually getting back down to doom.

Coffins keeps it on the lowdown with “Drown in Revelation” fading in to a sea of feedback.  Backed by a sinister drum beat, this sounds like death-metal played in super slow-mo, complete with Cookie Monster vocals.  “The Wretched Path” picks up the pace, a straight-up slammer tailor-made for moshing.  They even throw Cookie Monster through the washing machine for added effect.  But all kidding aside, this is definitely some devastating death-doom.

(Southern Lord)

8.5 / 10

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