The Witchfinder Radio Interview With Author Laina Dawes

by Jason Wellwood


I recently caught up with Hellbound contributor and author Laina Dawes to chat with her about her excellent book ‘What Are You Doing Here? A Black Woman’s Life and Liberation In Heavy Metal’ released last year through Bazillion Points Publishing. We also chatted about her indiegogo campaign to take the book on the road and get some much needed exposure for some artists that she felt were being missed out on. For those readers who have not had a chance yet to read ‘What Are You Doing Here?’ or who are maybe a little hesitant to pick it up, let this (lower) middle class white male assuage any fears you may have: Laina’s writing and the tone of the book has been tailored so that anyone can relate to the stories and the narrative. There is no blame, no victimization, but there IS a lot of funny, poignant and matter of fact stories and revelations from (primarily) women involved in the heavy music scene.

Check out ‘What Are You Doing Here?’ at this site:

The indiegogo campaign still has a few days remaining, check it out here:

If you are interested in hearing the entire interview as well as all the music which will be available to donators, curated by Black Rock Coalition, head over to: and download the ‘WR Sept 30’ files!

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