Whoa, since when were there mid-week metal shows at Rancho Relaxo!?

I have a few fond memories of the College St. Mexican restaurant/indie-rock dive-bar, not all of which involve underage drinking.  But aside from a handful of local shows, there’s rarely been anything heavier than Hot Little Rocket (look ’em up) home, home on the Ranch… until now.

New York psych-rockers Naam are kicking off their extensive North American tour tonight with a hometown gig, and as such, it won’t be long before they hit Toronto–Tuesday, to be precise.  I’ve heard conflicting information as to whether there’s any touring support, but I do know that locals On the Verge and Ayahuasca will also be on the bill.  No word as to whether the latter will be bringing any Amazonian psychoactive brew with them, mind you…

Then, in a couple weeks’ time, we get a sludgy sandwich of sludginess on Wednesday the 24th.  Rhode Islands rampagers Howl are on tour with Lord Dying, a pretty decent new band from Portland.  Come early for local openers Pyres–I just heard their new album, and it sounds amazing!

That’s right folks, there are not one, but two heavy rock/metal shows at Rancho Relaxo this month.  Put that in your taco and eat it!

Naam, Ayahuasca, On the Verge @ Rancho Relaxo, Tuesday, July 9th.  Doors @ 8.  $10.

Howl, Lord Dying, Pyres @ Rancho Relaxo, Wednesday, July 24th.  Doors @ 8.  $10.



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