Black Tusk – Tend No Wounds


By Gruesome Greg

It’s been a little while since the last Black Tusk full-length, so this six-song, 23-and-a-half-minute EP is a welcome stopgap. “A Cold Embrace” crawls out of the gate with a twisted riff pattern, building up into a solid stomp with a couple good grooves, but alas, the instrumental intro is all over in two minutes. “Enemy of Reason” opens in similar fashion, but quickly picks up the pace—and, of course, adds vocals, though it slows down for a sludgy instrumental beat-down about halfway through.

“The Week and the Wise” opens with violin, of all things, before exploding into a frantic outburst with shades of Kylesa, offering up its share of solid riffs throughout its six-minute run time. “Internal/Eternal” finally slows things down, at least initially, before finding another mid-paced groove, punctuated by powerful down-strokes. “Truth Untold” launches into another signature Savannah attack, and man, I gotta say, if Phil Cope doesn’t make a guest appearance on here, then someone sure sounds like him.

Bottom line, if you enjoy the Georgia sludge sounds of Black Tusk, this’ll certainly whet your appetite.



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