Holy triple bill, Batman!

Can’t believe we’re a week into June and I’m actually debating whether to wear a jacket tonight.  But hey, at least the sun finally came out, so that’s a start…

Anyways, warming the unseasonably cold wastelands of Toronto tonight is a terrific touring package featuring Torche, KEN Mode and Lo-Pan at Lee’s Palace.  It feels like I haven’t seen Torche in a long time, but turns out I last caught ’em last summer when they toured with COC.  But it’s been a while since I’ve seen ’em headline.  I’ve sorta lost touch with their more recent material, but they always put on a great gig.

KEN Mode, of course, is used to colder climes than this, hailing from Winnipeg and all.  I mean, they shot a music video in the middle of winter with some leather-clad vixens, so yeah…

And put it this way: I dig touring opener Lo-Pan so much that I’m flying down to Brooklyn next month to see them headline with a shitload of stoner bands.  But more on that some other time.

Speaking of triple threats, Lee’s is also hosting the previously mentioned Kylesa, Blood Ceremony and White Hills package on Tuesday.  OK, so Lazer/Wulf is also on the bill.  What’s a Lazer/Wulf?

Torche, KEN Mode, Lo-Pan @ Lee’s Palace, 529 Bloor Street W, Saturday, June 8th.  Doors @ 9, Lo-Pan @ 10.  $18.

Kylesa, Blood Ceremony, White Hills, Lazer/Wulf @ Lee’s Palace, Tuesday, June 11th.  Doors @ 7:30, first band @ 8.  $20.50 advance, $25 at the door.



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