Corrections House – Hoax the System/Grin with a Purpose 7″

By Gruesome Greg

Always interested to hear what Williams, Kelly, Parker and company have got cooking, which in this case, takes the form of a seven-inch single. “Grin with a Purpose” is apparently Side A, with a bit of a Neurosis backdrop backing spoken-word poetry and the occasional, sparsely-interspersed guitar riff. Williams’ words eventually turn to yells, albeit not the harsh barks one is accustomed to from Eyehategod, as the song stays in its swampy stew, not heavy enough to be sludge, but still with some heady vibes, maaaan.

“Hoax the System,” which spawned a pretty trippy music video, doesn’t hesitate to bring the noise, a sea of squealing feedback backed by a vicious drumbeat. This has somewhat of an industrial vibe with the digitized production and heavy distortion on the vocals—although it’s not the kinda stuff you’d hear at some glowstick dance party. Picture Fear Factory or maybe Nine Inch Nails instead, and you’ll get a better idea. It helps if you watch the video.

(War Crime Records)


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