This one almost flew right past me–like a flying roundhouse kick!

(That was supposed to be an MMA reference.  I don’t actually watch MMA.)

After the all-out assault of April activities, May has been pretty quiet so far.  In fact, I haven’t seen a band or drank a beer in over three weeks.  Craziness!  And while early June promises to be punishing, it’s worth noting for those who are stuck in the city this long weekend that Oxbow is playing Toronto tonight.  For the first time.  Ever.

Of course, the on-again, off-again noise-rock (which is apparently the new name for not-quite-sludge) outfit doesn’t tour all that often.  As Eugene Robinson told a recent interviewer, “very few jobs will give you 5 weeks of time to go off and play music. Most jobs give you 2 weeks of vacation.”  Alas, this evening’s gig appears to be a one-off, making it even more exclusive.

And for those afraid of being assaulted by Robinson, actor, author and mixed-martial artist, he clarifies in the same interview that he never throws the first blow.  It’s only those that deserve it who get what’s coming to them.  And here I was hoping to have him hit a hipster.  Oh well…

On a side note, this will actually be my first time seeing local openers Godstopper in person.  I’ve been enjoying their sounds since the early demo days, but never got the chance to catch a concert until tonight.  I’m told that Mike Simpson doesn’t actually play every instrument when they play live–which would have been impressive, albeit impossible.

Oxbow, Thighs, Godstopper, White Ribs @ The Garrison, 1197 Dundas St W, Saturday, May 18th.  Doors @ 9, first band @ 9:45.  $15.



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