Soooo, where do I buy my Black Sabbath tickets next weekend?

Black Sabbath has yet to announce any North American tour dates, but when Universal Music Canada unwittingly leaked that they’d be playing Toronto, oh, about a month ago, we were alerted to the fact that they’re supposed to be coming to town August 14th.  What Universal doesn’t say is when tickets go on sale, although I’ve heard rumours about April 13th either being a pre-sale or official on-sale date…

But now that we’re less than a week away, I haven’t seen anything either on Ticketmaster or Live Nation about this.  Even the band’s official website makes no mention of a Toronto concert.  How secretive is this pre-sale supposed to be, anyways?  Or was the April 13th date just a message-board rumour that somehow got linked to the official news?

One thing is certain, those Black Sabbath tix that you already see on sale on various scalper sites are about as authentic as a three-dollar bill.  Maybe the Leafs ticket-holder on Kijiji might be legit, but I think I’m gonna wait until I get an email alert from Ticketmaster.  And yes, I’ll be checking my email quite frequently over the next few days…

That being said, if anybody actually knows some insider info about when and where to buy tickets, wontcha hook a metal brother up? 😉



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