Of course, it just HAD to snow on Record Store Day…

First thing I thought when I woke up this morning was “Hey, it’s Record Store Day!”  No, not Hitler’s Birthday, the Columbine Massacre Anniversary, the day Black Sabbath tickets go on sale (I got mine on Thursday via presale–33rd row floors) or even that day when everybody gathers in a park to smoke pot.  Apparently, purchasing vinyl is now more important to me than smoking marijuana.  I think I’m becoming a square, maaaaan!

That being said, I had my eye on one particular piece of wax that was reissued today; well, make that two pieces, namely the two-records, one-sleeve package combining Dust’s cult classic self-titled and Hard Attack LPs.  The early 70’s power trio featured a future Ramone, a soon-to-be Rick Derringer sideman and a guy who co-produced the first couple KISS records and has gained some degree of notoriety for their early, proto-metal sound–not to mention that battling trolls artwork.  Released in ’71 and ’72 respectively, the two albums had been gathering dust (sorry, couldn’t resist) until today, their reissue release date coinciding with Record Store Day.  Fortunately, I was able to grab what was either the last or the only copy at Rotate This–after oh, about 45 minutes.

As the folks behind the counter know, I stop by Rotate on a monthly basis, generally to pick up concert tickets, but sometimes I’ll also grab something that catches my eye.  Since 11 am isn’t really early in my books, I’m usually there around the time they open, and am often the only customer in the store.  But not today.  Though I showed up right at 11, I stunned by the sight of a lineup stretching almost all the way down the block.  I swear, there were more people lined up outside the store than when I saw U.D.O. at the Mod Club last weekend!  So it took me a little while to get in…

Making matters worse, we had intermittent periods of heavy snowfall …  in April …  in Toronto …  with the temperature barely rising above freezing.  And here I thought I left Calgary (almost) eight years ago!

Anyways, when all was said and done, I walked away with my main find, a LP of rare Death demos (the black Death from Detroit, that is), the Fu Manchu Covers LP and the Jello Biafra/Melvins collab Sieg Howdy!, along with a free Stinking Lizaveta 7″ recorded at Steve Albini’s house in ’94–oh and tickets to the upcoming Torche and Kylesa concerts at Lee’s Palace.  I guess this was worth braving the elements for:



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