This figures to be the female-fronted tour of the summer, folks…

It’s been a little while since I’ve seen Kylesa in concert, 2+ years to be precise, and that was an early show.  Suffice to say, I’m stoked to see them hitting The Annex again this summer, but when I saw the full touring lineup, I definitely did a double-take:

First thought was “Hey, that’s a pretty sweet opening slot for Blood Ceremony!”  It’s fair to say I’ve seen ’em play at least a dozen times over the years, but I don’t think they’ve ever taken the stage at Lee’s Palace–at least not on my watch.  And while I admittedly wouldn’t know Lazer/Wulf from sharks with frickin’ lasers, I might actually be most psyched to see White Hills, a psychedelic space-rock outfit from NYC.  Truth be told, bassist Ego Sensation doesn’t sing lead vocals on every number, but I won’t divert my gaze when she’s not behind the mic, put it that way.  (Truth be told, you could probably say the same about Laura Pleasants.)

One of the best gigs I saw all of last year happened to be an equally estrogen-enhanced bill, featuring the likes of Witch Mountain, Blood Ceremony and Castle.  Coincidentally, this tour hits Toronto almost a year to the date (363 days, to be precise) later.  It feels like I’ve only seen a fistful of gigs this year–though there’s a bunch more before the end of this month–but it might not be a stretch to prematurely include this one in my Top 10 concerts of the year.  Now, I just gotta wait until June…

Kylesa, Blood Ceremony, White Hills, Lazer/Wulf @ Lee’s Palace, Tuesday, June 11th.$20.50 advance, tix on sale April 5th.

By the way, I’m also doing a second stand-up gig on Tuesday.  Yes, that’s the Jays home opener, but who watches baseball? Comedy Brawl Gauntlet #6 Tuesday, April 2nd @ Crown and Tiger, College and Bathurst, 8 pm. $5.



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