Maaaan, Fu Manchu’s coming here in a couple weeks!? That’s the first I’ve heard of this…

Overheard at the bar at the Blood Ceremony gig the other night: “Dude, you know Fu Manchu?  Blah blah blah stoner rock blah blah Kyuss … They’re playing Lee’s Palace March 15th, you should check it out.”

Say what now?  The semi-seminal So-Cal lowrider-rock band is playing Toronto in three weeks–and I’m only finding out about this per chance at the Silver Dollar!?

Well, not quite.  Seems buddy got his dates mixed up; the Fu will be at Lee’s on April 15th, which partially explains the apparent lack of promotion (other than word of mouth).  It also means it’s on a Monday, not a Saturday night, but oh well.  That’s gonna be a pretty crazy week for shows, though.  Today is the Day/Keelhaul on Saturday, U.D.O. on Sunday (because I’m always down for anything Accept!), the Fu on Monday… then Clutch/Orange Goblin the following Thursday.  That’s three gigs in three nights, four gigs in six.  I might even hafta pick and choose–dunno if my body can handle the abuse anymore.

Then again, you sorta expect that kinda lineup in June/July, but to have it right in the middle of April is pretty nutso.  Don’t think SXSW can even compete with that this year, much less CMW…

Anyways, speaking of the Fu, I saw their set the other year at the Horseshoe, when they played all the songs offa In Search Of…  This time around, it’s The Action is Go that gets the Classic Albums treatment.  Man, “Evil Eye,” “Burning Road,” “Grendel Snowman”!!!???  Yeah, I won’t be skipping this show, that’s for sure!

Fu Manchu with TBA(???) @ Lee’s Palace, 529 Bloor St. West, Monday, April 15th.  Doors @ 8, Show @ 8:40.  $18.50 advance, $20 at the door.



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