Pill-poppers and head-trippers, put this one on yer neon-green radar screen!

As I’ve previously remarked, The 460 might not be El Mocambo, but it’s the next-door thing.  This evening, the hole-in-the-skywall bar is hosting a couple instrumental psychedelic-rock outfits that’ll expand yer mind–and they’re both from right here in yer backyard!  (Well hey, Ottawa’s only about a four-hour drive, right?)

Hailing from the nation’s capital, Monobrow brings the doom, filtered through a hazy 70’s jam-band lens.  Had a chance to catch these guys on their home turf at the All That’s Heavy II gig, and they were quite spectacular.

Galaxies in the River (GITR) is one of my favourite local bands going.  These guys giv’r with some old-school, acid-flashback, Son-of-Hendrix freakouts, leading you down the twisted path into drug-fueled enlightenment — or something like that.

Ol’ Time Moonshine includes half of my all-time favourite Toronto band, Diablo Red.  The good half…

And I’ve never heard of the opening band, but I’m sure they’re good, too.

Monobrow, Galaxies in the…  Fuck it, all the info’s in the poster above.



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