Witchfinder Radio Updates For the Week of September 3rd, 2012

Two awesome shows this week, and a whole lot of ‘new-to-the-show’ material! If you enjoy what you see, don’t be afraid to tune in! Blowing Up The Lakehead is on Monday from 11pm-2am EST and CanKnuckle Tracks is on Tuesday 10pm-1am EST. Or you can download the show every week from the links below!

If you have any feedback, requests, comments, suggestions, requests or if you’d like to be played on the shows as well, feel free to send it to [email protected] or stop by the Facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/witchfinderradio

Blowing Up The Lakehead Playlist For September 3rd, 2012

Propagandhi* – Note To Self (Failed )
Propagandhi* – Devil’s Creek (Failed States)
Sylencer – Eternal (A Lethal Dose Of Truth)
Sylencer – 88 Reasons To Hate (A Lethal Dose Of Truth)
All Hail The Yeti – 06 Bloodguilt (All Hail The Yeti)
Anatomia – Turbo Lover(Judas Priest cover) (Audible Assault)

Krallice – IIIIIIII (Years Past )
TRANCEMISSION – Naked Flames Pt. 1 (Naked Flames)
Impera – Kiss Of Death (Legacy of Life)

I Am War – Uninvite Me To Your Facebook Party (Outlive You All)
Helm* – Tarasque (Helm)
For Sleeping or Jumping – Beardrops (Dead Languages)
ENGEL – Cash King (Blood Of Saints)
Fisthammer – Razor Waves (Devour All You See)
Deception Of A Ghost – Sons Of Sunlight (Life Right )
Pitch-Black Universe – Before The Dawn (Rise Of The Phoenix)

Vore – Gravehammer (Gravehammer)
Over Your Threshold – Self Exhibition (Facticity)
Mountain Grave – Attract Collapse (The Ancient Disease)
King of Asgard – The Dispossessed (…To North)
Ex Deo* – Burned To Serve As Nocturnal Light (Caligvla)

Grave – Flesh Epistle (Endless Procession of Souls)
Crepitus – Omnipotent Necroscope (The Vile Vortex)
Autumn’s End – Judas (The Siren’s Lament)
HOODED MENACE – Effigies of Evil (Effigies of Evil)

The Faceless – Ten Billion Years (Autotheism)
The Forsaken – Reap As We Have Sown (Beyond Redemption)
Converge – Wolverine Blues (Split w\Napalm Death)
Dying Fetus – In the Trenches (Reign supreme)
Obey The Brave* – Early Graves (Young Blood)
The Contortionist – Anatomy Anomalies (Intrinsic
Attika 7 – No Redemption (Blood Of My Enemies)

Download the show at: http://luradio-server.lakeheadu.ca/Witchfinder Radio Weekly/Blowing Up The Lakehead

CanKnuckle Tracks Playlist for September 4th, 2012

The Nailheads – Suburban Punk Rock Kid (Rico G. Zombie Single)
The Nailheads – Rico G Zombie (Rico G. Zombie Single)
The Nailheads – People Killing People (People Killing People)
Helm – Maximum Death In Minimum Time (Helm)
Agony Spawn – Fabulous Fetus Farm (Metal Vitality EP)
Epiphany From The Abyss – The End Of A Dream (Generation Of The Hopeless)
Ex Deo – Divide Et Impera (Caligvla)
Haiduk – Fire Wield (Spellbook)

D3ATHCHARGER – Forged In Steel (Forged In Steel)
D3ATHCHARGER – Buried In The Basement (Forged In Steel)
Mortor – Whiskey Surgery (Shoot ‘Em Up)
Heavyweight Division – Fast Food, Last Supper (Perversion Into Gluttony (EP))
Hallows Die – Like Fools to Kings (Masks EP)
Pasquale – See you in hell (Le Macchine Dell’ Inferno)

Auroch – Bloodborne Conspiracy (From Forgotten Worlds)
Bloodmoon – Satisfaction (Descent)
Begrime Exemious – Perverted Decadence Churning (Visions of the Scourge)
Syrophenikan – The Instance of Doom (The Distant)
Revenge – Banner Degradation (Exile or Death) (Scum. Collapse. Eradication)

Scythia – Sailor’s Accolade (For The Bear)
Scythia – Fierce Riders of Scythia (remix)(For The Bear)
Scythia – For The Bear (For The Bear)
Striker – Fight For Your Life (Armed To The Teeth)
BETRAYER – Fire To The Coals (Betrayer)
Odinfist – Grim Toll (Rest In Glory)
Titans Eve – The Abyss (Life Apocalypse)

Skull Hammer – Scum Ridden Filth (Destroyers Of The Faith)
La Corriveau – Come to Me (Soul Possession)
Outlying – Breed Of Worms (Scars Of Daylight)
Mortillery – Despised By Blood (Murder, Death, Kill)
Black Moor – Into Eternity (Lethal Waters)
Solar Architect – Blackfly (Wrath of nature)

Pyramid Theorem – Forever in Chains (pyramid theorem)
Intandem – Adaptation (Demo EP)
Fen – A Long Line (Of Losing Interest)
Adrenechrome – The Horror (Hideous Appetites)

Download the show at: http://luradio-server.lakeheadu.ca/Witchfinder Radio Weekly/CanKnuckle Tracks

I am the station manager and loud rock director for CILU, 102.7fm in Thunder Bay. I also host four weekly 'loud rock' shows: Blowing Up The Lakehead: Monday 10pm-1am EST which plays loud rock from around the world, regardless of genre, subgenre or label affiliation. CanKnuckle Tracks: Tuesday 10pm-1am EST, plays Loud Rock by ONLY Canadian Independent bands.Anarchy In The TBay: Wednesday Midnight-1am, all punk. The Happy Go Lucky Old Time Metal Hour: Thursday Midnight-1am, old school loud rock, nothing newer than 1990.

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