Ozzy Osbourne – Speak of the Devil DVD

By Jason Wellwood

First off, this isn’t simply a DVD of the live show which resulted in the ill advised Black Sabbath covers album, this is a full blown, Ozzy Osbourne in 1982 show. The songs are culled from his first two records and only three tracks are from his Sabbath days. Originally airing on MTV on Halloween 1982 this has sat in a vault since. Sad, really considering how great a show the band, and Ozzy, put on here. Obviously still reeling a little after the death of Randy Rhoads, the band soldiers on with, on paper, one of the weirdest choices to replace the iconic guitar player: Brad Gillis of Night Ranger! To his absolute gobsmacking credit, Gillis shreds, keeping the playing true to the originals while adding just a little flavour of his own. I’m not a guitar solo fan at all, but Gillis does an admirable job filling the requisite solo slot, right before drum monster Tommy Aldridge comes out and plays a solo with his hands. Brad Gillis had some big shoes to fill (metaphorically speaking) and does an excellent job here. It should also be noted that Don Airey helps out by doubling the solos and adding some extra live keyboard flourishes but that should not take anything away from the achievement of Gillis here. Nor should anyone be in doubt that the band performs a solid, tight set. This is a very enthralling watch and an awesome, almost lost piece of important Ozz-story. The songs, the musicians, both are so captivating and entertaining you will find yourself singing along and not even realize you had started!

Ozzy is in fine voice, no effects, just the goofy, ‘show me your hands’, ‘we love you all’, full of energy performer we once saw on stage, or at least heard about. The frog jumps are here, albeit ones where he actually gets some height, and the running is, well, actually running! There are a few questionable moves here: why is Ozzy wearing slippers? And why do they hang ‘Little John’ (a little person who plays Ozzy’s valet in the show) from a noose at the beginning of ‘Goodbye To Romance’? Other than that, this is an excellent watch, and a solid piece of metal history which should be requisite watching for people claiming to be Ozzy fans in 2012 who were born in the late 80’s or early 90’s.

(Eagle Vision)

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