Man, Electric Magma’s still got it, man…

Last nite was the first time I’d been to the Bovine Sex Club in nearly 10 months.  I can’t say I really missed the place, but I do miss some of the bands I used to see there regularly from 2006 to 2008.  Though it was never really known as the home for Toronto’s heavy rock scene, it was a place where some of these bands could play to a couple more people than they usually do–whether or not those folks would go out and buy their record was a different story.

Speaking of which, Electric Magma, a band that’s been to the Bovine a few times, has a new record mixed by Scott Reeder–although it wasn’t ready in time for their would-be LP release party.  Mind you, I hadn’t seen these guys in several months, if not years.  They’ve still got that heavy, fuzzy, wah-laden instro sound that’ll groove your brains tonight, albeit with a different drummer in the fold.  They even brought out a guest singer in Paolo from Red Elite (now there’s a name I haven’t heard in a while!) to perform a couple numbers from the Coconut Bangers Ball album they put out a few years back–2007, to be exact.  Twas a solid set of heavy rock tuneage.

The rest of the bill was another one of those eclectic BSC specials.  Y’know, I still recall a gig where Diablo Red was preceded by a solo accoustic emo act who said to “stick around for the Red Devils.”  Well, this evening’s entertainment wasn’t so bad, what with an opening band that aped the trad metal sounds of Maiden and Dio–with a singer who could hit the high notes–and a bizarre guitarless band that did some crazy things with tambourines and effects pedals.

Yup, just another sparsely-attended heavy rock show at the Bovine.  They’ve still got Bohemian for four bucks, to boot.  It seems like nothing has changed–except that they moved the bar from the right side to the left side of the building.  That kinda had me trippin’ out for a bit…



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